Home Roasting System

Bake with ease. Efficient workflow. suitable for everyone

BeanGo Cube LUX

The best way to roast coffee at home 

Perfect Roasting Simplified Features

✓ Built-in Microphone for Auto-Detecting Cracks
✓ APP Control for Ease-of-Use,Real-Time Display
✓ Roasting Profile for Sharing Bean Recipe 
✓ High Efficient Filters for Air Purification
✓ Removable Parts for Through Cleaning

It will listen to the cracks!

Analyse your roasting data

Built-in Microphone for Auto-Detecting Cracks

Use the unique software design to detect crack sounds and calculate the crack time separately. User can control upload time directly

APP Control for Ease-of-Use, Real-Time Display

Use mobile phone APP control, all data is stored in APP and shared to Cloud. You can share or repeat your roasting profile easily. 

Here you can see how to work

Roasting Profile for Sharing Bean Recipe 

✓ Default Profiles for user to experience different roasting level taste

✓ Recipe repeatable-User can save his own recipe

Roasting profiles

Create new profiles based on Air temperature, Bean temperature, Inlet temperature or Power profiles. Get connected with our ROEST community and learn from each other by sharing profiles and experiences.


Power Profile by MATT WINTON 


Air Profile by TIM WENDELBO 

Power Profile by LONG MILES 


Smart Design 10+ years in the making

High Efficient Filters for Air Purification 

BeanGo Cube installs multi-layers filter to filter smoke and odd smell, no exhaust pipe is needed.No need for a ventilation system. Sample roaster comes with a ventilation hose for easy attachment to the machine and directing fumes out of the window.

Unique Drum Blade for Stirring More Evenly 

A patented Drum Blade for "Stirring More Evenly". Coffee beans can be evenly heated during roasting. 

Clear Viewport for enjoying visual experience 

Smarty-Designed Cooling Tray

Removable Parts for Through Cleaning 

Simple Maintenance

Tech Specs

  • Power Supply:AC 110V or 220V / 60Hz
  • Max. Output:1500W
  • Dimensions:211 x142 x376mm (rubber base incl.)
  • Weight:4.36kg
  • Heating Method:Up & Down airflow
  • Bean Collection:Patented and safe bean dispensing function
  • Embedded microchip
  • Embedded temperature sensor
  • Bluetooth 4.0

  • Motor:DC Motor
  • Electric Heating Wire:2-safety switch
  • Continuous knob to start / Stop with one turn
  • 4 digit LCD, display the roast level or the countdown to the end of roasting.
  • Glass Parts:Made of borosilicate glass used for food container; low CTE: α=33; thermal resistant to temperature difference up to 150℃
    Inner Pipe Thickness:3.5mm, high-temperature resistance ( > 400℃ )
    Outer Pipe Thickness:4.0mm, high-temperature resistance ( > 400℃ )
  • Roasting Amount:60 - 120g per batch
  • Bean Cup Capacity:< 110g after roasting