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Our Six Value Propositions 

Automated Digital Coffee Roasting Technology

Our one-touch digital design offers roast curve history functions, making roasting convenient and straightforward for the novice or expert roaster. The built-in APP can recreate a master's coffee taste or fine-tune the flavor profile according to your preferences.

All Key Global Standard Certifications

Our dedication to product safety, high-quality configuration, material quality, and user-friendliness has earned us the CE, FCC, UL, EAC, FDA, and other international certifications, allowing you to enjoy the fun of roasting coffee beans safely at home and sharing with friends or at the office sharing with colleagues.

Make Your Recipes with Precision

Our proprietary first crack detection technology allows the roaster to identify the crackling sounds of each bean clearly and also captures the data for future analysis or use to achieve the desired taste profile, creating your own coffee symphony!

Global Inventor Patents Issued (using Taiwan technologies)

From the exterior design to the internal heating mechanisms, the entire appliance has been developed and manufactured in Taiwan to ensure an uncompromised consumer experience seamlessly blended with technology perfection.

Professional Equipment Yet Easy to Use

An unique perforated stainless-steel drum with an Infrared heating tube creates a proportional conduction/radiation/convection heating system. The temperatures of the beans and the environment are precisely monitored to control the intricate roasting process.

Share Your Recipes Anytime and Anywhere

Share your unique fresh roasted coffee beans with friends and allow others to use your favorite roasting curve to compare flavor profiles exploring the wide world of green coffee beans. Enjoy the aromatic effects that bring specialty coffee roasters and drinkers together from around the world!

BeanGo Cube Design Concept

BeanGo Cube is a novel specialty coffee micro-roaster with an elegant appearance, unique design, and intelligent APP controller. Unlike other coffee roasters, it is ideal for boutique coffee shops or cozy living spaces. You can manually roast your favorite recipe or auto-roast your coffee master recipe using your smartphone or tablet and seamlessly complete the roasting process every time.

BeanGo cube is a user-centric coffee roaster that combines every detail and thoughtful design with intelligent and advanced technology to meet professional and ease-of-use requirements. Enjoy the leisure lifestyle of a coffee master and satisfy your desires for exquisite coffee. Just follow BeanGo Cube into the specialty coffee world.

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