BeanGo Cube® X

Smart Coffee Roaster

Home coffee roasting is easy with automatic crack sound detection

  • Control your coffee roasting level easily with precision
  • Automatic stop roasting according to preset development time, temperature or percentage

  • Record crack sound development with a visual roasting profile
  • Detect crack sounds regardless environmental noises

Elegant black and white metal body and natural wood grain design, a beautiful appliance for any home decor

  • Sleek and compact design to fit on your countertop
  • Easy to clean with a detachable drum and straight air duct design

  • Scald-proof wooden handles and bean tray designed to ensure operation safety
  • Just plug in the power and roast anytime, anywhere

Roast as needed, and savor your coffee at its peak freshness

  • 100g ~ 300g small-batch roasting
  • Green beans can last longer than roasted ones
  • General roasting time is 7-12 minutes (*Depending on batch size, roast level etc.)
  • Spend 30 minutes a week and enjoy fresh roasted coffee everyday

Infrared heating system and unique drum designed to ensure even roasts 

  • The polygonal drum rolls the beans evenly for a consistent roast
  • The specially designed perforated drum can transfer convective heat efficiently and enhance chaff removal
  • With both inner/outer blades on the drum and adjustable drum speed, you can control heat transfer to your preferences

Multiple automatic roasting modes to help you find the flavor you like easily

  • Setup auto recipes - setup your roasting plan and let the roaster control heat / fan / drum for you
  • Automatic replay a profile's curve by PID control
  • Automatic replay a profile's control steps
  • Setup target development stage upfront and stop roasting automatically
  • Large view windows for observing coffee bean development easily

A home roaster with stability to repeat a roasting profile with 1 click

  • Record precise roasting data per second with a bean temperature probe that touches the bean mass, and a exhaust air temperature probe near the air duct
  • Repeat profile curve consistently under the same conditions
  • Share, download and repeat a profile automatically with just 1 click


  • Infrared electric drum coffee roaster
  • 100g ~ 300g batch size
  • Wi-Fi remote control via mobile app
  • Automatic & manual roasting modes
  • Automatic crack sound detection
  • Roasting profiles downloading & sharing
  • Bean temperature probe
  • Exhaust air temperature probes
  • Large bean viewing window
  • Bean loading, unloading, and tray door open detection
  • 304 stainless steel perforated drum
  • Chaff collecting tray for roasting chamber
  • Chaff collecting box for air duct
  • Exhaust air fan
  • System cooling fan
  • Roaster status & roasting status LED indicators
  • Power 1250W
  • AC 110V / 220V (50Hz/60Hz)
  • Overheating protection
  • 27 x 41 x 44 cm(W x H x L, including handles and accessories )
  • 14 kg