Frequently asked questions

Roaster questions

BeanGo Cube® LUX

1. How can I roast continuously? 

To roast continuously, it's recommended to lengthen the time between batches especially after a darker or a longer roast. If the machine temperature is too high, the roaster also will show "Not ready" message to inform you of the status. 

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2. How bean temperature protection work?

During a roast, if the environment temperature or bean temperature is too high, the roaster will automatically set the heat level to 0 to protect your beans as well as the roaster from overheating.

3. Why unloading door couldn't close automatically?

If you find the bean unloading door at the back of the roasting chamber can not close normally, when the roaster is cooled down, please check if there is any bean stuck at the door and remove it. After you power off and power on the roaster again, the door will close again automatically.

App questions

BeanGo Cube® LUX

1. How to connect to the roaster?

Go the to Wi-Fi settings on your phone, please find the network name start with "BeanGo Cube" and connect it. Once connected, go back the BeanGo Cube app and you will see the roaster status is connected.

If it fails to connect to BeanGo Cube with the message【BeanGo Cube is trying to connect or close WI-FI】, please go to your phone【Settings】> 【Applications】> BeanGo Cube, and make sure【WI-FI】is set to【Allow】.

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2. How does automatic roasting repeat a roast profile?

Under the same environment, automatic roasting will automatically repeat the bean temperature curve by controlling the heat automatically. Any change in power voltage, bean batches, machine temperature or the environment will affect the consistency between batches.